Painting made by Marcelle Schoenmaker januari 2021

Floor Le Coultre winner of the Young Dutch Music talent title in  november 2011, established herself as a passionate and profound chamber musician.

Floor began playing the violin at the age of four with her aunt as her first mentor. She continued her studies with Joyce Tan, Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, Pavel Vernikov and Ilya Grubert. In 2014 she finished her masters with distinction for her compelling musicianship.

Floor was price winner in different competitions and performed in concert halls in Europe, China, USA, South-America. She participated in festivals such as the International Heifetz Institute in New Hampshire (USA), Villefavard (France), the Orford Arts Centre (Canada), die Geigen Meisterkurse at the Kronberg Academy (Germany), Kuhmo festival (Finland) and Vernikov Masterclasses (Switzerland). She received lessons from a.o Svetlana Makarova, Mauricio Fuks, Patinca Kopec, Philippe Graffin, Stephan Picard, Gerhard Schultz and Eszter Haffner.

Floor performs regularly with guitarist Martin van Hees as violinist and violist. Besides she is a member of the Hermitage Quartet,  ensemble 150, a duo partner with pianist Maarten den Hengst and duo partner with violinist Tim Brackman (see ensembles)

2020 duo LeCoultre&VanHees released their first album: Cuckoo with arrangements by folk melodies. This was very well received.

Floor is asked frequently as a chamber musician in various ensembles such as Ludwig and New European Ensemble and at festivals such as Stift Festival, Aurora Festival (previous Peter de Grote Festival), Festival Classic Con Brio, Easter Chamber Jam festival, Thy Chamber Music Festival.

Floor plays a French violin by Gand/Lupot from 1813 and a bow by J. Tubbs from around 1890.

Floor’s viola was made in 2014 by Matthieu Legros. The Purchase of the viola was made possible by the ‘Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument’.